Safeguarding Your Personal Information

We have a long track record of established internal controls that protect, maintain and respect any and all personal customer information provided to us by you (“the customer”) to us (“the agency”) to perform our travel services on your behalf. We make your personal information available only to individual employees who require access to this information and to whom we have authorized to have access to any personal information regarding your travel reservations with us. We urge you to read this notice as it relates to items dealing with your personal information we may have on file about you.

What Is Your Personal Information

“Personal Information” is any information which is about an individual customer or potential customer of our agency and relates specifically to that individual and thus allows that individual to be identified. Collection, use and disclosure of personal information by businesses in Ontario is governed by the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.(PIPEDA)

The Collection Of Personal Information

We collect and disclose personal information ie your name, address, birthdate, home phone number, etc to allow us to:

Incorrect Information About You

Please let us know and we will make every effort to correct the information we have about you. If we have sent this information to a third party, we will make every effort to correct this information.

Information To Third Parties

If you would like to know who we have of given your personal information to outside of our agency group, please contact us at our Customer Care Centre and we will provide the names of the third party companies whom have received your information. Please note that travel reservations and travel product purchases such as airline tickets require the agency to provide them with certain personal information about you to complete the reservation or travel product purchase on your behalf.

Destroying Personal Information

We will keep personal information about you on paper file or electronic file only as long as required to complete your reservation or travel product purchase on your behalf and required by law and federal bodies that regulate business and travel operations in Canada. Government, Business and Corporate Accounts personal information is held in our systems while these accounts are under contract with us or have an going business relationship with our agency.

Employee Access Of Personal Information

Only our employees who require access to your specific personal information are given access to it and only access is provided at their place of employment. Employees are not allowed to take any personal information about any of our clients home or to another office under any circumstances. All our employees are required to sign an employee confidential agreement as a condition of employment with our agency group that prohibits them from sharing personal information about any of our clients outside of our agency group at anytime during their employment with us and/or after their employment.

Consent Implied

We often require you to provide us personal information either via a Business Travel Profile Form or Vacation/Cruise Booking Form. Your signature and submission of these forms to us or verbally through communication to any of our agents in person, via telephone or email provides us with implied consent to use and disclose identifying information about you to make a travel reservation or the purchase of a travel product internally or to any third party.

Our Commitment To Privacy

Our commitment to privacy means the following to you and your family when dealing with us:

Promotional or Direct Marketing Information

You may receive promotional information from us from time to time over our business relationship with you. Should you not wish us to send promotional or direct marketing information to you, simply contact our Privacy Officer in writing at the address shown below and we will simply eliminate your information from our promotional or direct marketing efforts in the future. If you have already provided us this notice, we will respect your right and not forward any promotional or direct marketing information.

Previously Collected Personal Information

Our privacy notice came into effect January 1, 2004, and therefore any personal information we may have collected prior to this date will now be governed by our privacy notice.

Important Customer Notice – Previous Information

Should you not wish us to use personal information collected prior to January 1, 2004, please contact our Privacy Officer in writing at the address shown below and we will destroy any personal information we have on file regarding you and your related personal information.

Refusal or Withdrawal of Personal Information

You may at anytime refuse or withdraw personal information we may have on file about you individually with reasonable notice subject to any legal and contractual restrictions that may apply if you have a business travel account with us.

If you refuse or withdraw your personal information, we will not be able to perform our travel services to you.

Personal File Information Access

We provide customers with, upon your written request to us, full disclosure to you of any information we have on file about you, subject to certain limitations.

You simply need to contact our Privacy Officer in writing and they will provide you this information.

Should we have made an error or your personal information is incomplete you have the right to update our files at anytime.

We will respond to all written requests within thirty (30) days and will provide you with information we may have on you without charge to you. Should you request this information in a certain format, there may be a charge applicable to you and we will advise you of this charge prior to providing this information as you have asked us to provide a specific format.

Privacy Questions

Please contact the following individual regarding your personal information;

Privacy Officer – Compliance Department
Your Travel Tickets.Com
Customer Care & Executive Corporate Office
40 King Street
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 3H4
Tel: 905 688 1400
Fax: 905 688 4340
E-Mail –
Monday to Friday 8:30 am EST to 5:30 pm EST